Where to Go Next…

Videos Galore!

That’s right, over the years I’ve made a lot (actually thousands) of videos. And you can see all my best and most up-to-date videos on the videos page.

Don’t expect a ton of glamour. I record just as I am (no-make-up and all), I leave in my mistakes and I don’t add a lot of bells and whistles in editing. It’s just me… and my camera.

Ignite Video Challenge

 Ignite is a 4-week challenge that runs roughly monthly throughout the year to help you get comfortable on camera and learn to shine your light, share your message, and build your business!

You can go from camera-shy to camera confident in just 4 weeks. (I’ve seen thousands of people do just that!) These are always extremely popular and spaces are limited.

Get More Niamh

If you just haven’t gotten enough Niamh in your life, you might want to check out the product page. 

You’ll see everything I have to offer in one nice, convenient space. You can learn about connection marketing and (of course) video but there’s also some sneak peeks into my full business. You’ll find training on challenges, memberships and how I bring it all together.