The New (to me) Platform Project

By Niamh Arthur | July, 2018  

VOW: The New (to me) Platform Project

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Video of the Week

Have you ever wondered how to start sharing videos on a new (to you) platform? It’s the most intimidating part, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. When you are brand new it’s a bit uncomfortable.

So for the month on July (and maybe a bit beyond) I’m going to be sharing my experiences as I start sharing on a new (to me) platform! You’ll get to see how I take the same principles that have helped me be wildly successful with video and apply them in a new way and space. And you’ll get to see how I approach a new video sharing space and what I consider!

Watch the video of the week to see which platform (and the main two things to do when sharing in a new space!)

And look out for my weekly videos to follow along!

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