How to Truly Enjoy Marketing (without brainwashing yourself)

By Niamh Arthur | June, 2018

VOW: How to Truly Enjoy Marketing (without brainwashing yourself)

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Business, Fun and Family, Video of the Week

We all struggle along trying to do marketing as a means to an end. We suffer through it and try to make ourselves ok with it as we see it as a necessary evil in order to have what we truly want: Meaningful work that truly helps our clients and customers…. And a thriving successful business that supports us.

So we try to come to terms with marketing as we know the outcome is good for both us and our customers.

But, it’s possible to truly enjoy marketing. To allow yourself to do what you actually want to do (the work you feel called to do) and allow that to become your marketing.

How? That’s the topic of this week’s Video of the Week:

With Love,

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