Up for a Challenge? Here's a few.... (1 of 2)

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2018

Up for a Challenge? Here’s a few… (1 of 2)

by | May 10, 2018 | Brain Mind and Spirit, Business, Productivity

I’m pretty well known for my challenges. I both deliver the super popular 30 day Ignite Video Challenge a couple times a year AND offer a course called Challenges with Impact to teach my challenge strategy.

But what most people don’t know is…. participating in challenges is my favourite way to effect change in my life and business.

Challenges allow you to actually take action, shift a habit, move through a block, or build momentum in a simple bitesized pieces. It can feel so easy to simply take part in a challenge that you suddenly look up and are shocked at the changes in your life.

So, to give you a boost into Summer, I thought I’d share a few upcoming challenges with you. These challenges are all created by my Challenges with Impact students and cover a variety of topics. You can get a song written, improve your posture, clarify your vision… and more! I’ll be sharing a bunch of challenges over two posts, so make sure to check out Part 2 here.

The Challenges (Set 1 of 2)


Living in the Feminine Spirit
Hosted by Tina Eitzenberger
Starting May 21st
Link for More Info: http://tina-coach.online/feminine-spirit-challenge 

Feeling stuck? Depleted? Disheartened? Let’s change that! Join Tina in this FREE 8 day Living-in-the-Feminine-Spirit Challenge and experience going from feeling stuck and depleted to feeling alive, encouraged and well on your way to empowerment. (For women only)

Catapult Songwriting Challenge
Hosted by Balthasar Ewald
Starting in May/June
Link for More Info: https://mailchi.mp/balthasarewald.de/catapult-intro

The Catapult Songwriting Challenge will help you build a stronger connection to your ‘inner songwriter’ and enable you to move from drafts to finished songs with ease and confidence. If you have ever tried to write songs – but found it hard to get going or complete your drafts – this challenge is for you. Everybody can join no matter their level of experience.

The Veggie Challenge
Hosted by Carol Confino
Starting May 17th
Link for More Info: https://youtu.be/xrKEntA5SHI

It can be challenging to eat right, sometimes we are so busy we even forget to eat. So when can you find time to prepare and eat vegetables? This challenge is to try a new vegetable or try a new way of cooking a vegetable each day for 5 days. Each day Carol will highlight a different way to prepare vegetables with simple spice mixes and cooking options to try.

Clarify Your Vision Challenge
Hosted by Dina Kennedy
Starting May 14th
Link for More Info: http://permission-to-succeed.dinakennedy.com/free-clarify-your-vision-challenge/

Are you ready for a Clear Vision that Aligns the Energy of Your Business with the Energy of Your Dreams? Over the 8 days of this Challenge, you’ll move from vague, unclear, uncertain or muddy about your Vision…to having a clear, energized and empowered Vision and actual Vision Statement…simply by participating in the 7 days of exercises and the final Vision Energizing Guided Meditation!

Challenge Yourself to Good Desk Posture
Hosted by Anne Asher
Currently open for waitlist registration.
Link for More Info: http://www.posturally.com/challenge-yourself-to-good-desk-posture/

This challenge is designed to give give you basic “tools” for sitting upright with ease and without pain. It starts with the foundations for good sitting and move through to stress management techniques, wrist stretches and things you can do to relax your neck, shoulders and eyes. Techniques are holistic and you won’t need to leave your desk to do them. If you keep saying your posture is atrocious and you want to do something about it, here’s your chance!

Empath Healing Experiment
Hosted by Sunday Oliver
Starting May 16th
Link for More Info: https://www.sundayoliver.com/empath-healing-experiment/ 

Do you get overwhelmed by news? Or even just the people you deal with in a workday? That may be because you’re one of those people who is especially sensitive to other people’s feelings, an empath. This challenge will help you learn how to clear yourself, the way you’d wash grimy hands under a faucet, and sluice that dirty sticky feeling down the drain.

The 4 Day Difference

Hosted by Robert Brown
Starting May 21st
Link for More Info: http://the4daydifference.com/ 

It’s a Free 4 day experience to help you feel the Difference you can make in your life in just 4 days with guidance and intention. Each day of the 4 Day Difference Robert show you how to easily inwardly shift, grow and move closer to your Dream life (even if you have let procrastination or lack of consistency stop you in the past)… And you’ll get simple exercises daily so you know exactly what to do to feel the Difference!

Check out Part 2 of our Up for a Challenge posts here.

If you’re interested in learning how to create your OWN challenge to increase your impact and help your audience actually use your work join our waitlist below to be informed when the full Challenges with Impact course next opens (we’re aiming for next month!)

Happy Challenging!



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