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Ignite Video Challenge

It’s a 30 day Free challenge to help you get comfortable being yourself on camera,
and learn how to create great, simple, yet powerful low-tech videos!

Each weekday of the challenge you get a recording tip to help you frame, light,
and get the most out of your video equipment (even if it’s just a smartphone)…
AND you get a simple prompt so you know what to talk about!
Starting September 24th, hop in any time!

Build a Business That's Totally YOU

*and that actually works!


Light It Up! Video Marketing

My favourite technique to grow a business via Connection Marketing is… video!  Light It Up Video Marketing is part in-depth course on creating and marketing videos, and part active and connected community to help you apply what you learn.

Ignite Video Challenge

I run FREE challenges a couple times a year to help you get comfortable on camera and learn to shine your light, share your message, and build your business!

The next one is starting Sept 24, jump in now!

How to Transform Your Life By Popping

Talk delivered in Charlotte, NC June 2015

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VOW: How to do more in less time (and actually enjoy it!)

By Niamh Arthur | June, 2018   This is not a video about productivity. It’s a video about freedom. It’s about creating not just time in your life to do the things you want to do (while continuing to grow your business)... but creating the mental space to do it. You...

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Up for a Challenge? Here’s a few… (2 of 2)

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2018 Last week I shared with you how I use participating in challenges to make incremental and long-lasting changes in my life and business. Challenges allow you to actually take action, shift a habit, move through a block, or build momentum in...

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Up for a Challenge? Here’s a few… (1 of 2)

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2018 I'm pretty well known for my challenges. I both deliver the super popular 30 day Ignite Video Challenge a couple times a year AND offer a course called Challenges with Impact to teach my challenge strategy. But what most people don't know...

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How to Go From Camera Shy to Camera Confident

By Niamh Arthur | Mar, 2018 No matter how you feel right now… you CAN get comfortable being yourself on camera and utilizing the power of VIDEO marketing in your business!  The 30 day FREE Ignite Video Challenge is BACK! Register...

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The Trap of Consistency (and a quick head’s up!)

By Niamh Arthur | March, 2018   So kinda unbelievably (or predictably… depending on your viewpoint), I haven’t recorded a Video of the Week in 6 weeks! This week… I’m back, and sharing with you the reasons for the long absence, the trap of consistency (and a better...

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