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The Life Changing Magic of Doing Nothing

By Niamh Arthur | June, 2016 I’ve seen it… you’ve seen it. We all talk about the voice inside our heads as though it’s evil and malicious, trying to stop us from achieving our goals, trying to keep us in doubt etc. We live in an age of constant motion. We feel guilty...

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This Simple Question Will Maximise Your Business Impact

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2016 So there’s this paradox… to know how to build an online business you need to learn from others, BUT to create and maintain success you need to focus without distraction. This plagued me for a long time, how can I learn from the success of...

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Why Marketing Feels Gross

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2016 It's a bit of a conundrum, on the one hand in order to build the businesses we love we need to actually promote and market... but often marketing feels so gross we find ourselves self sabotaging, holding back, or running the other direction...

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I Need to Use Video, But…

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2015 I know I need to do video, but… This is the sentence I hear all the time. Usually followed by: it’s awkward; it’s scary; I feel ridiculous talking to a camera; I did a video once and it was so embarrassing I never did it again! Look…. Video...

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The Counterintuitive Reason I Communicate Via Video

By Niamh Arthur | May, 2016 The truth is… more people READ words than watch videos. But some time ago I made the conscious decision to communicate wherever possible EXCLUSIVELY via video. Watch the full video to see why (and what’s happened):...

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How to Transform Your Life By Popping

Talk delivered in Charlotte, NC June 2015

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Light It Up! Video Marketing

My favourite technique to grow a business via Connection Marketing is… video!  Light It Up Video Marketing is part in-depth course on creating and marketing videos, and part active and connected community to help you apply what you learn.

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