Office Tour: How I Setup for Recording

By Niamh Arthur | Feb, 2018


Office Tour: How I Setup for Recording

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Business, Fun and Family, Video

In this week’s video you get a 360 view of my new(ish) office!

I talk you through how I made decisions about setting up the room for recording, including lighting, background and feeling like the space was a good representation of me.

I don’t totally have this space nailed yet, and I’m sure there are many changes to come to improve my videos (for example, in this video I’m hunching a bit as my chair is too tall)…. but the true mantra is “Connection not perfection.” And you won’t get a chance to connect with me if I wait for a perfect setup before I start recording!

Hope you enjoy!

Light demonstrated in this video:
(Note, this light doesn’t come with a stand. You need to order it as well).