The Not-So-Sunny Story of Ignite Video Challenge!

By Niamh Arthur | Feb, 2019


The Not-So-Sunny Story of Ignite Video Challenge

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Business, Video

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This is the first time I’ve publicly admitted what was going on for me behind the scenes over the last couple of years. And it’s GREAT to say it out loud.

The SHORT version is… we’ve torn down the challenge and built it back up from scratch based on the thousands of feedback surveys we’ve had over the years of running the challenge… and in order to make the best possible experience for our challengers. We’ve honed and improved every video. Every email. Every piece of tech.

And we’ve made The Ignite Video Challenge: From Camera Shy to Camera Confident THE go-to place to learn how to make videos your proud of in a safe environment. You CAN get comfortable just being yourself on camera.

And it’s the best gift you could possibly give your business or online career.

You can check out the NEW version here. It’s only open until Wednesday at midnight (or whenever it sells out, but more on that in the video).

I hope you get some insights and lessons from my experiences.

With Love,