My Unexpected Love Story... with Video!

By Niamh Arthur | September, 2017





My Unexpected Love Story… with video!

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Business, Video | 0 comments

I really know how tough it can be to make videos… you might feel terrified, or awkward, or like you turn into a stick the second the camera is on. But…

No matter how you feel right now… you CAN get comfortable being yourself on camera and utilizing the power of VIDEO marketing in your business! <3

When I first started on camera I was literally shaking with fear. I hated it. And now (just a few years later) I’m not only loving using video in my business, I teach others video AS my business!

I shared the WHOLE story on a Facebook Live video yesterday (including the video mishaps, and the ups and downs of it all.

When I started the 30 day video challenge I had one simple mission, to help people overcome the same video obstacles I had faced to get more comfortable on camera and create great looking videos with low tech (smart phones usually!)

I couldn’t have anticipated how quickly it would grow, the powerful transformations people would have, or how amazing it would feel to get to go on such a FUN journey with each group of people.

So I’m super excited that it’s BACK… The Ignite Video Challenge is starting this coming Monday September 11th.

More info and register here:

Soooo excited!
<3 Niamh