Creating Content in Difficult Times

By Niamh Arthur | March, 2020


It’s been a weird week. Things around us seem to be changing by the day, by the hour, and for some by the minute. Everyone is affected and nothing seems normal.

In that context, it can be incredibly challenging to know what to do as a business owner and content creator. Do you carry on as normal and ignore the crisis? Do you put a pause on everything until it calms down? Do you try to contribute your own thoughts about the topic when you may not have anything to say about it?

I created a special video of the week this week to help you navigate your content creation during this time (and with some examples of what I’m doing in my own work).


Running a Launch During a Global Crisis (CWI is Open!)

One thing that has been a huge struggle for me this week is running a launch. I’ve been sharing a video series with Terra Milo about making and running your own challenges, but after announcing the series was going ahead things just got crazier and crazier. We both felt really strange about continuing with the series, but we were getting so many comments and feedback about how grateful people were that we decided to share it and how it was a perfect time for them.

We also knew that there was another group, a group that had been excited to learn about challenges, that simply couldn’t take in new information right now. This groups was feeling overwhelmed and needing to be quiet, mindful and present in their lives and with their families. They didn’t have the bandwidth for learning.

Terra and I met together (virtually, of course, we’re responsible social distancers!) to talk about how strange it felt to run a normal launch and asking ourselves which group we should serve. We didn’t want to shove a launch down anyone’s throat or add extra pressure in an already difficult time. But if we waited, we also weren’t serving the group that was eager to run a challenger RIGHT NOW to help people in the crisis, or eager to use their time at home to learn something new.

We decided to shake things up and rethink how we launch. Usually, we open to new students for just one week a couple times a year. Why? Because a traditional launch is a compressed timeline where you share an email a day to support someone in making a fast and informed decision. It’s a good model.

But it’s not right for right now.

For this round of Challenges with Impact, we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to stay open for four weeks instead of just one. This means our most eager followers can jump in and use their at-home time to build a challenge, and our followers who need a little breathing room to make a decision right now, have it.

This way we are not adding pressure to your world right now. You have plenty going on already.

Challenges with Impact is now OPEN. You will find all the details here.

Instead of sending an email a day over the week we are open, we’re sending a few updates and reminders over the four weeks. You can register for the notification list here. You can expect an email or two a week, with a couple close together on the final two days so you don’t have to worry about missing the window.

This is a time where we all have to be there for each other. Remember to think about how you can be a leader and an example in stressful times. Even if you show your leadership by hanging out, watching Netflix and doing puzzles to keep yourself calm and grounded (I’ve been listening to audiobooks while puzzling. If you need a good one, try Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.)

Wishing you a safe, sane and peaceful week.

With Love,