About Niamh

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Hey… It’s Niamh!   Lovely to meet you…

I was working at a major coffee chain in 2011 with my second baby on the way when I got the call from HR that I was not going to be entitled to any maternity pay. It was a crushing moment, but triggered me to finally make the decision to do that thing I’d been feeling more and more intrigued by and had been playing with since 2006… becoming an online entrepreneur.

In the years since I have built three successful online businesses, created multiple six figure incomes, impacted thousands of people in the online space, worked with hundreds of clients and customers… and turned that maternity leave into permanent leave.

My secret technique: Connection Marketing.

Building a business by creating genuine and scalable connections to my ideal audience, and allowing sales and success to be a by-product of real relationships. 

I teach online entrepreneurs, coaches, and change makers Connection Marketing through video. I help them learn how to be themselves on video and use it as a tool to reach a large number of people while creating true connections. I hold challenges several times a year for thousands of coaches and entrepreneurs to help them practice their video skills and gain comfort. I also run Light It Up! Video Marketing, a vibrant active community of video creators who support each other and have fun while they learn and grow their video skills and marketing strategy.

I now live with my beautiful family in the countryside of Ireland surrounded by green, with foxes, bunnies, and cows as my nearest neighbours.

Delighted to have you here!