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OMG! I Need to Record a Video Emergency Pack

So you need to record a video. And if you’re like most of us that’s either overwhelming, uncomfortable, confusing… or downright terrifying. 

That’s where the FREE OMG Video Pack comes in! It’s six short training videos to help you make a video that feels like you, that represents you well, and that’s not a giant tech disaster.

Learn to create videos you’re proud of… in 33 minutes!

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Borrow My Brain for Your Business

Check out my one-on-one strategy sessions now!

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Light It Up! Video Marketing

My favourite technique to grow a business via Connection Marketing is… video!  Light It Up Video Marketing is part in-depth course on creating and marketing videos, and part active and connected community to help you apply what you learn.

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Video Challenge Waitlist

I run FREE challenges a couple times a year to help you get comfortable on camera and learn to shine your light, share your message, and build your business! These are always extremely popular, hop on the waitlist to get notified early about the next challenge.

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Build a Business That's Totally YOU

*and that actually works!

Latest News and Articles

Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 9: Musings on Money

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode # 9 Show Notes: Today Jen and Niamh are talking about Money. Not just any money, but Jen’s Mastering Money Matters Program. This episode was recorded in the midst of Jen doing her very first launch for a special offer for MMM. While we talk...

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Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 8: The Function of Fun

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode # 8     Show Notes: Ever feel like you are taking it all too seriously? Maybe taking yourself too seriously? What do you do purely for fun? Is all of your fun centered around your kids or for others? Is there anything you do that...

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Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 7: The Lure of Learning

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode # 7       Show Notes: Today Jen and Niamh talk about the Lure of Learning, how important it is to keep on learning and growing year by year, but also how you can get lured into thinking that you need to learn more before you...

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Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 6: What’s Up September

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode #6     In today’s episode Jen and Niamh jam about the kids going back to school, the school commute, schedules changing, the rhythm of the school year and the pains in the butt that come along with it, as well as the ease once we...

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Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 5: The Crux of Consistency

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode # 5     In today’s episode Jen and Niamh jam about consistency, the good, the bad, the stagnant and the strategic. Where are you consistent? Do you ever get into a consistency rut? Just doing things because you’ve been told to do...

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My Unexpected Love Story… with video!

By Niamh Arthur | September, 2017         I really know how tough it can be to make videos… you might feel terrified, or awkward, or like you turn into a stick the second the camera is on. But... No matter how you feel right now… you CAN get...

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How to Transform Your Life By Popping

Talk delivered in Charlotte, NC June 2015

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