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OMG! I Need to Record a Video Emergency Pack

So you need to record a video. And if you’re like most of us that’s either overwhelming, uncomfortable, confusing… or downright terrifying.

That’s where the FREE OMG Video Pack comes in! It’s six short training videos to help you make a video that feels like you, that represents you well, and that’s not a giant tech disaster.

Learn to create videos you’re proud of… in 33 minutes!

Build a Business That's Totally YOU

*and that actually works!


Light It Up! Video Marketing

My favourite technique to grow a business via Connection Marketing is… video!  Light It Up Video Marketing is part in-depth course on creating and marketing videos, and part active and connected community to help you apply what you learn.

Ignite Video Challenge

Ignite is a 4 week challenge that runs several times a year to help you get comfortable on camera and learn to shine your light, share your message, and build your business! These are always extremely popular and spaces are limited. Hop on the waitlist to get notified early about the next challenge.

How to Transform Your Life By Popping

Talk delivered in Charlotte, NC June 2015

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Want to meet in person?

By Niamh Arthur | February, 2020   Sometimes the biggest surprises in life, turn out to have the biggest impact. A couple weeks ago I shared a little poll with my audience. I’m heading to Austin, Texas for the month of April and asked if anyone might be...

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What’s Coming in 2020

By Niamh Arthur | January, 2020   Last Week I shared with you where I have been… next up is obviously: where I am going! As I’m returning to sharing regular public videos many of you said you appreciated hearing about what happened in last week’s video. (You can...

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Opening Up: Why I Disappeared for a Year

By Niamh Arthur | January, 2020   I haven’t recorded and shared a public video in about a year. And for someone who teaches video making and marketing… that’s pretty shocking.  But there was a reason for it, or rather, several reasons. And it wasn’t that I...

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The Not-So-Sunny Story of Ignite Video Challenge

By Niamh Arthur | Feb, 2019   Check out the NEW Ignite Video Challenge here. (Closing Wednesday) This is the first time I’ve publicly admitted what was going on for me behind the scenes over the last couple of years. And it’s GREAT to say it out loud. The SHORT...

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FAQ About Challenges

By Niamh Arthur | Nov, 2018   This week, in honour of my FLASH sale of Challenges with Impact I’m answering the top 3 questions I get about using challenges in your online business. If you’ve been considering challenges, this will help you decide if it’s the...

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