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Special Offer Now On: Light It Up Video Marketing

For a very limited time we have a special offer on for Light It Up Video Marketing! Are you ready to use the power of video in your business?

Light It Up Video Marketing is a membership training site and community for all things video. We teach people how to grow their video skills and use short, simple videos to create an audience, and then turn that audience into paying clients and customers.

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Light It Up! Video Marketing

My favourite technique to grow a business via Connection Marketing is… video!  Light It Up Video Marketing is part in-depth course on creating and marketing videos, and part active and connected community to help you apply what you learn.

Ignite Video Challenge

It’s a 30 day Free challenge to help you get comfortable being yourself on camera, and learn how to create great, simple, yet powerful low-tech videos! The challenge is currently OPEN for registration and we are starting March 19th (you can join in at any time during the challenge).

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Latest News and Articles

How to Go From Camera Shy to Camera Confident

By Niamh Arthur | Mar, 2018 No matter how you feel right now… you CAN get comfortable being yourself on camera and utilizing the power of VIDEO marketing in your business!  The 30 day FREE Ignite Video Challenge is BACK! Register...

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The Trap of Consistency (and a quick head’s up!)

By Niamh Arthur | March, 2018   So kinda unbelievably (or predictably… depending on your viewpoint), I haven’t recorded a Video of the Week in 6 weeks! This week… I’m back, and sharing with you the reasons for the long absence, the trap of consistency (and a better...

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Office Tour: How I Setup for Recording

By Niamh Arthur | Feb, 2018   In this week’s video you get a 360 view of my new(ish) office! I talk you through how I made decisions about setting up the room for recording, including lighting, background and feeling like the space was a good representation of me. I...

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2018: Announcements and What to Expect

By Niamh Arthur | January, 2018   I spent a lot of time being quiet at the end of last year... well publicly at least. We moved house in December, literally handing back the keys to our old house two days before Christmas... and we took a lot of time to just be...

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Biz Buddies Podcast Ep 9: Musings on Money

Biz Buddies Podcast Episode # 9 Show Notes: Today Jen and Niamh are talking about Money. Not just any money, but Jen’s Mastering Money Matters Program. This episode was recorded in the midst of Jen doing her very first launch for a special offer for MMM. While we talk...

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How to Transform Your Life By Popping

Talk delivered in Charlotte, NC June 2015